Website update 2020

2020 marks a few changes to the site. In summary:

  • I've switched to using a static site generator called Pelican. Previously everything was written by hand in HTML+CSS. Now it's still served that way. Pelican just allows me to write in Markdown and simplify/complexify things on the admin side.
  • I've moved the site host from long time friend Dan's server to Netlify. Big thanks to Dan for providing me a place all these years.
  • I've updated some content (not all yet) and wrangled more CSS.

Previous workflow: write HTML, modify other HTML to link to new content, save, send over FTP to server.

New workflow: write Markdown, save, commit and push to Github, and Netlify automatically takes it from there.

It's some added tool complexity, but it gives version control and an automatically provided SSL cert. And the yet un-tried ability to create new posts directly from On the whole, it may be an improvement.

Published: Tue 28 April 2020

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