Age of Dedication

In thinking about some Christian revolutionaries, I found it interesting to see when they completely dedicated their lives to actively working for the kingdom. Here are the ones I found, in chronological order.

  • Jesus: About 30 when he was baptized in the river Jordan and went into the wilderness to fast. Began announcing “The kingdom of God is at hand” and healing people. (~26AD)
  • Ignatius of Loyola: 30 years old when he gave up his military career and devoted himself to Christ. Began to form the Spiritual Exercises and recruit other students to devote themselves in a similar manner with him. (1522 AD)
  • John Wesley: Had the famous Aldersgate experience at 35. Kicked off public preaching shortly thereafter and promptly got kicked out of his church. (1738 AD)
  • William Booth: At 23 became a full time preacher. 13 years later started the precursor to the Salvation Army. (1852 AD)
  • Hudson Taylor: When he was 17 he committed to going as a missionary to China and trained for it until he left, just under 4 years later. (1853 AD)
  • John Lake: At 37 years old sold all he had and quit his job (~$1 million dollar salary in today’s money) and moved to Africa to be a missionary. (1908 AD)
  • Jackie Pullinger: 20 years old when she left for Hong Kong, found the Walled City, and brought Christ there. (1966 AD)
Published: Tue 27 March 2007

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