Close to being an Olson

Angelica lived with my family for a summer; during which time she was able to observe and pick up on many Olson family habits. Here’s a list she made after the summer was done.

You know you’re pretty close to being an Olson when…

  1. You can sleep through the sound of people pounding down the stairs
  2. The name ‘Jacob’ spelled with a ‘c’ looks weird
  3. You know where all the dishes belong
  4. You find yourself saying “melk”
  5. You don’t even flinch if the kitchen faucet spits at you
  6. You smack your hand down on the table for emphasis when speaking
  7. You find yourself picking on Micah and/or Abby for no apparent reason (and maybe even laughing at Jake’s jokes
  8. You’ve driven the (late) Great White
  9. You’ve chased after Moses (and maybe caught him. If you didn’t catch him, you probably scoffed at him later when he meowed pitifully at you from outside on the deck.)
  10. You can follow 3-4 conversations at a time, while periodically contributing to each
  11. Spills at dinnertime are normal and expected
  12. You attend the Olson’s relatives’ grad parties and family reunions
  13. You smell like coffee 87% of the time (maybe more)
  14. You’ve learned the value of cereal and milk
  15. You check the bottom of your cup–even if it just came out of the dishwasher
  16. Extra random people in the house all the time doesn’t phase you
  17. You know to label your stuff if you put it in the fridge
  18. You never answer the house phone
  19. People give you their extra food to take home
  20. You leave notes on the counter
  21. Mr. Olson has sung the “get a job” song to you
  22. Speaking of Mr. Olson singing, you know that he alternates between only 2 (maybe 3) pre-dinner prayer songs
  23. You’ve worked for white rock
  24. You know not to leave your shoes by the front door
  25. Other people mistake you for an Olson

Last Updated: October 31st, 2007